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You work so hard for your family, you deserve a better lifestyle, please stay close with us...

We care about your lifestyle in Hong Kong, we want to hear from you more...
Thank you for lighting us up!

You are here working and living alone with other families in a foreign country.

We are here to give warmth and to help you feeling closer to your home town...

We do care about your thoughts and we appreciate, thank you helpers!

Who we are?

ABETULA is with a group of volunteers formulated by Hong Kong and Indonesians in Hong Kong especially for Indonesian helpers in locally Hong Kong. ABETULA offers a variety of practical services in assisting our helpers to make life easier in Hong Kong; to stay close with home town families and friends, and to connect with other local communities via our assistance.
We make consultation, we ask your opinion, we hear from you. We understands there are limitation which we cannot touch but we also realize that there are ways we can treat you better.

What we can help?

To organize interest classes; we target to teach helpers’ and to be value-added, we commence interest classes (make-up, cooking...) to helpers to attend

To offer venue for gathering; instead of sitting on the floor, we offer space for helpers to stay behind

To organize outdoor events; we organize hiking, sightseeing events to our Indonesian helpers in Hong Kong, including some volunteering works such as cleaning up garbages at the beach

To enhance helpers’ skills; we provide training to our helpers in order to enhance their working skills

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