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CPM is formulated by a group of local volunteers and Indonesians in Hong Kong who provides all kinds of backup support to all Indonesian newcomers and experienced helpers. We focus to help them in order to get used to the environment, to find out what kinds of rights they have and to serve them in doing small group purchasing whenever they are busy in working here.

For newcomers

We offer a standard Q&A section to all the newbies from Indonesia to Hong Kong who can get familiar to this environment quickly.

Online purchase and delivery services

We offer online purchase with a very good bargain to all the Indonesian helpers in Hong Kong especially on apparels and clothing and to provide convenient delivery services during weekends. 

Group events

We organize various kinds of events for our Indonesian helpers including cooking classes, hand-made DIY accessory classes, outdoor hiking and sightseeing events etc.


We offer space / venue for Indonesians to gather, we also want to listen from Indonesians so that we will commence discussion groups to stay closer to each other.

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